Keep Noblesville Beautiful Leadership

The Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of most months, unless otherwise indicated on the Calendar, and the public is invited to attend.

Board of Directors

  • Mayoral appointee - Patty Johnson
  • Noblesville Common Council appointee - Open
  • Noblesville Urban Forester appointee - Jack Martin (Treasurer)
  • Noblesville Parks Department appointee - Abby Hash (Vice Chairperson)
  • Noblesville Stormwater Program appointee - Tim Stottlemyer
  • Noblesville Main Street appointee - Darren Peterson
  • Noblesville Preservation Association appointee - Open
  • Hamilton County Master Gardeners Assoc. appointee - Stephanie Daugherty
  • Citizen appointee - Monica Pappas
  • Citizen appointee - Janna Bullough
  • Citizen appointee - Mikki Perrine
  • Citizen appointee - Chris Martin  (Secretary)
  • Citizen appointee - Annie Cook
  • Citizen appointee - Leona Chianello
  • Citizen appointee - Ann Lemna
  • Citizen appointee - Cindy Haas (Chairperson)
  • Citizen appointee - Glen Schwartz
  • Citizen appointee - Pete Schwartz
  • Citizen appointee - Lori Schwartz

As vacancies occur for appointed seats, the sponsoring official or community organization shall be responsible for appointing a replacement in perpetuity.

Keep Noblesville Beautiful By-Laws

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Keep Noblesville Beautiful Official Sponsors